Restorative Conferencing

Restorative  (Group) Conferencing is an interestingly different process to Collaboration and Mediation but is nevertheless on the spectrum of ADR – except that it most often follows (i.e. comes after) a court process.

Most people would have an awareness of Restorative Conferencing in terms of it being a process to assist perpetrators and victims of crime to better understand and come to terms with circumstances surrounding criminal behaviour, and within the school environment where a conference is a very much used process in relation to school bullying.

In 2014 I was fortunate to receive specialised multi-day training for in the area of Restorative  Conferencing for serious matters (i.e. those in which a death has occurred) and I have since facilitated several complex conferences where a person has been affected by the conduct of another – such as assaults and threats on and off the sporting arena); school (i.e. bullying); work; and extended-family environments.

For an insight into Restorative Conferencing I suggest you obtain a copy of the movie ‘Face to Face’ (2011) – an Australian production starring (amongst others, Sigrid Thornton, Vince Colosimo, and Matthew Newton) based on a screenplay by our famous playwright, David Williamson.


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