Restorative Justice (RJ) Conferencing is an interestingly different process to Collaboration and Mediation but is otherwise on the spectrum of ADR except that it can often accompany or indeed most often follow a court process.

Most people would have an awareness of RJ in terms of it being a process to assist perpetrators and victims of crime to better understand and come to terms with circumstances surrounding criminal behaviour, and within the school environment where a conference is a very much used process in relation to school bullying.

Mike has received multi-day training in the area of Restorative Justice Conferencing and has facilitated a number of conferences in relation to incidents of behaviour that have affected others in relation to: sporting (i.e. in response to assaults and threats on and off the sporting arena); school (i.e. bullying); work; and extended-family environments.

Mike is also one a select few service providers to have been specifically trained in an intensive 5 day program in the area of Traumatic deaths (ie. deaths that occur at the workplace, or fatal motor vehicle crashes).

For an insight into RJ Conferencing I suggest you obtain a copy of the movie “Face to Face” (2011) which is an Australian production starring (amongst others, Sigrid Thornton, Vince Colosimo, and Matthew Newton) based on a screenplay by our famous playwright, David Williamson.