Mike Wells is a registered Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Practitioner and has facilitated many hundreds of mediations.

As you may be aware, there are a number of family mediators/FDRPs and like service providers available to the public. We might all be doing the same type of work but there are some important differences.

My clients tell me that a central point of difference is my ability to empathise and reach a level of understanding about the particular and unique situation that distinguishes families from one another.

I am also told that I provide a safe and supported space where opportunities for open dialogue and progress can become foundations for the future.

In my experience, providing a comprehensive and discussion with potential FDR participants at the intake stage of FDR is crucial. The intake appointment stage of mediation/FDR is an opportunity for clients to find out more about what options and choices are available within FDR, as well as for me to gain an understanding about how things have been for them up until now and they would like them to be in the future.

Being a lawyer, some people consider it to be an advantage when using FDR to arrive at a property settlement. Mike is also very accustomed to providing FDR amidst court proceedings and otherwise including lawyers and their clients in the process.

Mike has also facilitated countless FDR processes where children’s issues have been a paramount concern. Mike has worked closely with child specialists over his professional career and alongside them in FDR (for example in child-focussed and child-inclusive processes) and also within the Collaboration model of ADR.