Family Mediation / FDR

My clients tell me that what makes my sessions different to other Mediators is my ability to empathise, understand and listen.

Family Mediation (also referred to as Family Dispute Resolution ~ ‘FDR’) is perhaps the best known of the Alternative Dispute Resolution options.

I am a Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) accredited Mediator pursuant to National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) guidelines and am a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP).

I am also told that I provide a safe and supported space where opportunities for open dialogue and progress can become foundations for the future.

Family Mediation / FDR has 2 stages. First is an intake appointment – which is where I have a separate confidential appointment with each party so that they can explain the background of their situation as well as describe where they would like to be at the end of the process (i.e. what outcomes they are looking for). Intake appointments tend to take between 1.5 and 2 hours’ duration. Sometimes people like to attend for intake with a friend / family member person – this is totally ok.

The second (and final) stage of Family Mediation / FDR is a joint meeting where I work directly with both parties at the same time at the same location. These sessions usually last for 3 hours.

What is the outcome of a Mediation / FDR process? At the end of the joint mediation, I provide a typed Heads of Agreement document that contains all of the agreements reached and can also describe any issues that might remain unresolved. Lawyers can then turn this document into a legally binding Agreement. For parenting matters, I provide a written document to the parties that immediately becomes a legally recognisable Parenting Plan upon being signed and dated by each party. A Parenting Plan can override a court Order.

Sometimes, Mediation / FDR does not resolve all the issues that people need.  Other times it just seems like Mediation / FDR is not the best option. In these situations a s60I Certificate can be issued.