Mike Wells

Owner & Founder

People often ask me why I do this work. The reason is because I love working with people who are kind, caring and whom are prepared to take personal responsibility to make changes when something is not working.

I have been a family lawyer since 2001, and a Law Institute accredited Mediator since 2008. I am also a registered FDRP (family dispute resolution practitioner) and Restorative Convenor. In short, I try to offer people realistic, meaningful and achievable alternatives when they are experiencing conflict.

I recently finished a 2 year stint as in-house lawyer for the Office of the Public Advocate (Vic). This was a great opportunity to work with the many guardians and advocates trying top improve the lives of people with a disability. This is an area in which I have been involved in more broadly for many years, and I am happy to continue providing advocacy and do occasional appearance work at VCAT as  private lawyer.

I’ve worked in courts and I’ve seen people hurt others with their words and conflict. I’ve also seen families torn apart by people who don’t take responsibility for the impact of their behaviour – sadly, some of the people who have caused damage to families are the lawyers and other ‘experts’ that are actually not helping at all.

I have a lifetime of experience to offer my clients. I have been divorced. I have young kids. I live in the real world. I know what tough times are like. But I don’t know everything. I don’t know what you’ve been through, or how things have been for you. But I promise to listen, to understand, and to care.

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