Mike Wells

Owner & Founder



I am a lawyer of more than 14 years’ experience. I also have a social science background.

In 2009 I stopped going to court as I was uncomfortable with continuing to be part of a systemic response to conflict and acrimony that normalised the involvement of lawyers and courts in people’s lives. I thought: “there just has to be a better way”. And Better Separations was born…

I have facilitated more than one thousand hours of mediation, interdisciplinary collaboration and restorative justice processes. My work tends to come from family law situations, inter-familial conflict and disputes within the workplace.

I am an Nationally Accredited Mediator pursuant to National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) guidelines through the Law Institute of Victoria.

I first trained as a collaborative lawyer in 2007, and am fortunate to have often worked alongside the internationally recognised and highly regarded Melbourne Collaborative Alliance (www.melca.com.au).

I also believe the process of alternate dispute resolution, and particularly mediation, in relationship disputes has the capacity to encompass learnings and opportunities from the realm of restorative practice in order to better repair and prepare people who have been in a relationship where behaviour has occurred that has affected the other person in the relationship, and which has had a lasting impact that remains unresolved.

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